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Introducing DaVita Books

DaVita Books bring together related articles and put them into a printable book format. Each DaVita Book features comprehensive information on a topic in only about 20 pages. Larger print makes it easy to read.

How can I use DaVita Books?

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  • Print out topics that interest you and have comprehensive information that you can read anytime, anywhere
  • Share information with your family and friends who are interested in kidney disease but don’t have computer access
  • Make notes in the books and take them with you to doctor’s appointments or dialysis to review questions with your health care team

DaVita Books Available

All about chronic kidney disease
21 pages | PDF | 879KB
Learn about chronic kidney disease including: definitions, causes and symptoms; stages; slowing the progression; lifestyle choices; what to eat; dialysis and getting a transplant.

All about dialysis
28 pages | PDF | 257KB
Get answers to questions about dialysis such as: what is it and when do I start; how to choose a center; how do I get dialysis; how will I feel; how does my doctor know dialysis is working; can I work and travel on dialysis and more.

All about diet and nutrition
20 pages | PDF | 135KB
Find out about the different kidney disease diets including: the CKD non-dialysis diet, hemodialysis diet, peritoneal dialysis diet, diabetes-dialysis diet, transplant diet and more.

All about diabetes
15 pages | PDF | 151KB
Diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease in the U.S. Learn about: definition, causes and symptoms of diabetes, controlling diabetes, slowing the progression of kidney disease and more.

Stages of chronic kidney disease
16 pages | PDF | 146KB
In chronic kidney disease, the kidneys don’t usually fail all at once. Instead, kidney disease often progresses slowly over time. The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) created a guideline of 5 stages. Learn more about treatment for each stage.

Who’s taking care of me at the dialysis center?
23 pages | PDF | 502KB
Nurses, dietitians, social workers, facility administrators, patient care technicians, nephrologists, biomedical technicians and reuse technicians all have important roles in providing the best care for in-center hemodialysis patients. Find out about each job.

Maintaining employment and insurance on dialysis - New
13 pages | PDF | 194KB
In addition to health concerns, people with kidney disease who need dialysis treatment may also have financial concerns. This book provides information about keeping your job and health benefits, makes you aware of laws that protect your work rights and gives you a list of resources that may help you pay for kidney disease treatments.

36 kidney-friendly recipes - New
38 pages | PDF | 383KB
DaVita renal dietitians share some of their favorite recipes that have been modified for the CKD non-dialysis, dialysis and diabetes diets. By limiting phosphorus, potassium and sodium, dialysis patients can enjoy delicious Old Fashioned Short Bread Cookies, Indian Chicken Curry, Peppercorn Pork Chops, Lemon Berry Bread and more.

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